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Board Bored Members

As my exposure and experience in diverse non-profit organizations grows I find my self increasingly convinced of the enormous potential of an effective board. I am also increasingly frustrated by how few effective board there are and how little understanding I see of how to improve. Cathie Leimbach of Strive writes an article that neatly summarizes the need for board members to do more than just show up for periodic meetings. In part she writes:

Preparing for effective decision making, donating money and effort, and enhancing the organization’s image are key responsibilities of board members that require significant time commitment beyond board meetings. The board members’ job truly does go far beyond the boardroom.
It is challenging to change the role of a board. It requires a significant shift for the entire organization and the staff in particular must be convinced that there is value in a more engaged and professional board. It may be easier to find entirely new board members than to re-educate the current crop. Sadly; too many organizations are unaware of the potential or unwilling to make the effort. For those who want to risk change there are many excellent resources (books, courses, consultants) available. What is the best board experience and resource you’ve come across?