Should I Write A Book?

Since my late teens I’ve imagined that maybe someday I would write a book. The themes and potential topics have changed many times, but the underlying desire has remained. I’m wondering f perhaps the time has now come. I have several friends who are published authors and I am simultaneously impressed and intimated by their achievements. The combination of inspiration and rigour required to actually complete a decent book is something I admire. And I’m not entirely certain I have it in me. Over the last two years a tool I’ve been developing and using with a variety of organizations locally, nationally, and even internationally has been gaining traction. The REACTION Dashboard keeps receiving positive feedback, and the frequent request for more supporting material and content is reaching a point I need to deliberately address. The most frequent follow up question is “Is there a book or something I can get to use this more?”. So here I am, a little hesitant about the prospect of taking on this demanding a project, and a little unsure if I can put together something strong enough to be worth the effort. And yet, with a growing conviction that I need to do something. So, I have a couple questions I’m hoping you can help me answer: 1. Is a book the most useful way for me to expand this tool and make it available to people? Or would a webinar, narrated presentation, or other format be preferable? 2. If you’ve seen the REACTION dashboard, what would be helpful to you in getting more use out of it? 3. If you’ve written a book, what was the process like for you? What advice would you give me as a novice? 4. What makes a leadership book work best for you? What differentiates a truly useful one from a disappointment? I’ll try to keep you posted as I explore this.