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Organizational culture will happen on its own, but HEALTHY organizational culture takes work...

The REACTION Dashboard can help leaders in every field to take the mystery out of organizational culture. The book combines narrative fiction and direct content for a read that is easy, actionable,  and full of insight. 
The simple tool leaders use to understand, assess, and improve organizational culture.
Every decent leader knows culture is important. We want our organizations to be highly effective, and we understand that can't happen without a healthy culture. What's been missing is a simple, clear, and highly practical tool we can use to quickly assess and improve that culture. That's what The REACTION Dashboard provides. It's insightful, practical, and memorable. You'll immediately be using it to identify and address Warning Lights that put your organization at risk. More importantly, you'll be uncovering the untapped leverage of Celebration to bring more focus, energy, and fun into your leadership.

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