Time to Quit the Board

Thanks to the good folks at Strive:

We encourage each of you to assess how long you ought to stay on the board.  Here are some questions and a rating system to help you decide. Use the following questions to honestly rate yourself from 0 to 5 (with 5 representing a firm ‘yes’ response and 0 being a strong ‘no’) 1. Am I passionate about the mission of the organization? 2. Am I diligent in attending meetings and preparing fully prior to board meetings? 3. Do I have influence around the boardroom table? 4. Am I independent in my thinking? 5. Do I bring perspective that others do not bring to the table? 6. Do I bring a certain skill set that is needed by the board and not common on the board? 7. Do I bring experiences from outside the organization that enhance the direction of the organization and protection of the owners’ interests? 8. Do other board members respect me and do I get along with the other directors? 9. If I went off the board, would it be very difficult to find a better replacement who would add as much value to the discussion and the direction of the organization as I would? 10. Would the organization’s effectiveness or profit decrease if I went off the board? If your score is under 25, please resign immediately. If your score is 25 to 30, please resign at the next appointment or election. This is no longer a great fit. If your score is 30 to 40, seriously ask yourself if you should stay on the board. If you do stay on the board, recommit to its mission, prepare for board meetings, think independently, and work to build the board team. If your score is 40 to 50, continue on the board and keep up the great work of adding value to the organization and the board.
This seems like a far batter annual exercise than imposed term limits. Even better would be to use this as a guide for peer evaluation.